As I mentioned earlier in this site, I’m James (a.k.a. Jim) Krause, and for the longest time my business was called Jim Krause Design.

But, over the years, in addition to working as a graphic designer, I’ve been doing more and more illustrations, shooting all kinds of photography, writing books about design, photography, and creativity, and teaching online video courses. So yeah, I guess you could say I've been doing a lot more than just graphic design lately. 

Finally, then, in April of 2018 I decided to change my business name to something more open-ended, and I chose the name PixelFly for two simple reasons: most of my work is digital (and therefore made of pixels) and I’ve always been crazy about anything that flies. Simple as that.

My official bio, as it appears with my books and video courses, goes like this:

James Krause has worked as a designer, a photographer, an illustrator, and a writer (all four in a single day, surprisingly often) for over thirty years. He’s done jobs for a wide range of clients, large and small, including Microsoft, Seattle Public Schools, Levi Strauss, Washington Apples, and more. James has authored seventeen books about design, digital photography, and creativity—including the all new Color Index XL. Many of his books are bestsellers and most are available in multiple languages. He also appears in popular online video courses offered through, LinkedIn Learning, and Peachpit. When he’s not working, James can usually be found riding a bicycle, racing a motorcycle, hiking, drinking espresso, reading, taking pictures, or doing art projects.